The epicenter of our MedicalHome@Work™

Simply put, worksite health centers reduce costs.  But more importantly, our approach improves the health of your workforce. We find undiagnosed conditions, reduce risks for debilitating chronic conditions, and work with healthy people to help them maintain their good health. It's a win-win.


Our MedicalHome@Work model provides primary care services that are based on a partnership between the patient and the caregiver. With longer appointment times, relationships develop that get at the root cause for obstacles to achieving optimal health.

Our primary care services are a tool for engaging people in their own health. In fact, our health centers can provide about 90 percent of the primary and acute care services covered by primary care physicians. Beyond that, our clinicians focus on preventative care and encourage good lifestyle habits among your staff, contributing to healthier, more fulfilling lives.

In the spirit of knowing that no two companies are the same, we tailor our clinics to your business. Our trained implementation and account management specialists can show you ways to create an onsite health center that will meet your health and wellness objectives. Plus, we provide a variety of monthly and annual reports to demonstrate the ROI that comes from a healthier workforce.