“Not getting worse” is the key to containing costs.

The goal of prevention-based medicine is to keep healthy people healthy and help those with risk factors or chronic conditions to achieve their optimal health. Because each person has a completely unique set of preferences, genes, and habits, we focus preventative measures and health maintenance on an individual level.

preventativce-careThe key to population health management is working with patients of all risk levels, not just medium and high-risk patients. Research done by Dr. Dee Edington and the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center indicates that as employees move out of the medium- and high-risk categories, others are already moving in. Our preventative services reduce the upward flow from low-risk to medium- and high-risk.

We start by taking each employee through a confidential health risk assessment to understand lifestyle factors that might be affecting their health. Then we do a health screening that measures blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels to see if there’s any indication of potential health risks, and to set a baseline for improvement. Through a combination of risk reduction coaching, chronic condition coaching, and individual or group education programs, we help people make long-lasting lifestyle changes that will preserve or improve their health status into the future.