Diabetes became my toughest battle after being diagnosed when I was 17. I always felt tired and never had the energy to motivate myself to work towards becoming healthier.

Finally, I went to TrustWell and saw Romona Mayeux, FNP, who helped me make the first step in changing my life for the better. With Romona’s family history of diabetes, she was easily relatable and helped me understand that I was in control of my own health, not the other way around.

With Romona’s guidance, I’m striving to make healthy lifestyle changes. I’ve turned around my eating habits and work out three to four times a week. I’ve cut back on carbs and calories and at the beginning of the year, I followed a vegetarian diet to help me jumpstart my changes. As a result, my cholesterol dropped drastically.

Since making these changes, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and feel amazing. At work, I’m more alert and able to focus. I’m no longer drinking multiple cups of coffee a day to stay awake. At home, I’m able to keep up with my 10-year-old son for the first time. My improved health has made me a better mom.

Now, I choose to work hard for better health – and continue that work – so I can provide a better quality of life for myself and my family.