In June 2018, our 2-year-old daughter, Jobi, had ear tubes put in following continuous hearing difficulties and reoccurring earaches. When she developed yet another ear infection later that year, we decided to have Jobi’s evaluation conducted at the Schupan & Fabri-Kal Employee Health Center for ease and affordability reasons.

Alyson Murray, FNP, was calming, attentive, and took her time during the examination. She really cared about our little girl and was sincere in acknowledging our concern. We left with an action plan to address the immediate discomfort Jobi was experiencing and were instructed to return if her condition didn’t improve.

A week later, we returned to Alyson. She discovered that both ear tubes had fallen out and recommended an ear, nose, and throat surgeon for reinsertion. During surgery, the surgeon discovered that Jobi had a rare ear malformation that caused her eardrums to fold inward. She said we should thank our provider for catching this condition, as it often goes undetected in young children.

I was relieved Alyson was so thorough. I feel like other providers would have hurried us through the system and simply prescribed another antibiotic. By listening to us and acknowledging our story, Alyson probably saved our daughter’s hearing.

We now use Marathon Health for all of our preventative and sick care needs. It’s easy to make an appointment, it’s inexpensive, and the staff actually listens to you! With our daughter’s hearing development back on track, she is once again our happy, healthy little girl.