2019_Q2_sq_StevenAfter struggling with lifelong hypertension, I visited Wendy Wall, NP, at the Aflac Care Center. She quickly figured out the correct medication to manage my blood pressure and began a dependable patient/provider connection that would prove pivotal in the coming years.

In 2017, I developed tennis elbow and after months of nursing it, the pain had not only persisted, but had spread throughout my body. Stairs became obstacles and bathing took twice as long. It was embarrassing and painful to live, so I went back to Wendy.

After many appointments, tests, referrals, and suggestions from loved ones, Wendy unexpectedly reached out and recommended a specialist test for psoriatic arthritis. Using her expertise and resources, she had continued to look for answers long after I had left her office. My problem was Wendy’s problem, and she was determined to find a solution.

I soon met with a specialist who confirmed I had psoriatic arthritis and prescribed an appropriate treatment plan. Wendy and I also created a customized diet and exercise plan to address weight gain resulting from this period of inactivity. After a year of constant pain, I conquered stairs again and was finally able to play baseball with my sons.

Today, I’m ten pounds lighter, my blood pressure is normal, and I’m pain and psoriasis free. Thanks to Wendy and the lifestyle changes my entire family and I have made, I’m confident and feel physically and mentally healthy. I can once again do chores and play with my kids. My home is a happier place!