After dealing with increased weight, lethargy, and lack of self-confidence, I decided it was time to make an appointment at the Chatham County Employee Health Center. During my initial appointment, Janice Johnson, RN health coach, sat by my side and discussed my weight-loss goals and concerns, and helped me develop an action plan.

At each meeting, I had my weight and blood pressure checked. Afterward, we discussed what did and did not work for reaching the goal set during the previous appointment. She gave me strategies for how to exercise mindfulness when choosing and eating food, incorporate a variety of activities into my exercise routine, and refrain from emotional eating. Using these strategies helped me stay on track and not derail the progress I’d made toward reaching my goal weight.

My energy has increased tremendously and I now enjoy exercising regularly. I have lost 19 pounds, making me more than halfway to my goal weight! At work, I can focus better on tasks and don’t feel drained at the end of the day. The Marathon Health staff truly cares about your health and wellbeing. I have even referred my coworker to the health center because I know Janice will be a tremendous help to her, as she has been to me.