2019_Q2_sq_ShannonIn early 2017, a biometric screening at the Kwik Trip Center for Health in La Crosse, Wisconsin revealed I had metabolic syndrome and was at risk of developing prediabetes. Having developed gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy, Julie Smith, FNP, informed me that I was 10 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

I felt completely overwhelmed, as I had a newborn and a toddler at home, and a spouse who worked a different shift. As moms, we tend to take a backseat to our own health to worry about others but Julie encouraged me to make time for myself and incorporate exercise into my routine. She recommended I take every opportunity to throw the kids in a stroller and get moving.

I took it all in stride, meeting regularly with Angela Hammond, RN health coach, who provided recipe ideas as I moved toward the food lifestyle I wanted.

Determined to meet her patients where they are in life, Angela literally talked the talk AND walked the walk. She cleverly transformed our appointments into walking health coaching meetings so I could fit my exercise in!

To date, I have lost 30 pounds, my A1c numbers no longer put me within range of having prediabetes, and I have drastically reduced my triglycerides. My family and I eat a more plant-based diet and make a conservative effort to get outside. At work, I prioritize walking during breaks and my lunch hour. I am so glad I made a commitment to and for myself, because I am worth it.