When We Care Wellness Center opened at our plant, I completed a Comprehensive Health Review (CHR) to discuss my overall health. The main reason I went was because it was free and I had never really been to the doctor for anything. I knew I was overweight, but wanted to check my other health metrics as well.

At my appointment, Trina McMillan, FNP, confirmed that I was overweight. My BMI was 40 and my A1c was 6.1, classifying me as pre-diabetic. I knew I was heavy, but learning I was pre-diabetic was the motivation I needed. If it wasn’t for having the wellness center, I never would’ve learned this.

Trina held me accountable. She worked with me to develop a personalized plan, gave me great tips about lowering my carb intake, and helped me boost my confidence. With her advice, I lowered my carb intake and cut out sweets from my diet, which was tough because I have a big sweet tooth. I also participated in a weight-loss challenge right at our plant, hosted by Marathon Health. This was key in keeping me on track.

I am proud to say that I’ve lost 23 pounds, my BMI is now at 36, and my A1c is 5.5, which is in the normal range! I’m no longer prediabetic. With Trina’s help, I’m slowly working to lose more weight and improve my health. Before, I never went to the doctor because it wasn’t convenient. Now, with the health center right here, I’ll never skip a check-up again.