Thanks to my biometric screening and Comprehensive Health Review (CHR), I learned my cholesterol was alarmingly high and Steve Evans, NP, immediately helped me develop a plan to improve my health. Who knows what could have happened to me had we not discovered the problem. With this knowledge, I was able to start my recovery.

My high cholesterol worried me and I felt stressed about my health. I was concerned what this would mean for my two daughters. They mean the world to me. My daughters attend all of my appointments at Marathon Health and seeing their reactions to my biometric results was inexplicable and disheartening. Change was necessary.

Steve and I came up with an action plan. I changed my nutrition, stopped drinking soda and eating fried foods, and took medication. Manuel Lujan, PSS, and Becky Lujan, MA, treated me and my girls just like we see them treat each other - like family. We felt welcome and at home at the health center.

I have lowered my cholesterol and feel so much better. Plus, my girls seem much more at ease. I recommend going to your Marathon Health center to get your biometric screening, and CHR. The name of this healthcare company makes sense to me now - Marathon Health… for life!