Imagine being at the bottom of a very steep canyon covered in a foot of snow. You’re roughly a mile from the ridge watching your 17-year-old son summit and return four times over. Carrying 100 pounds of extra body weight, I watched shamefully as I struggled to move my feet.

Soon after, I had my biometrics performed at my Marathon Health & Wellness Center. I learned I was pre-diabetic and knew it was time for a change.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure a health coach could help me. But my health coach, Eric Jackson, listened, empathized, shared relatable knowledge, and made me feel like I mattered. I knew Eric was someone I could work with, and I knew I needed him if I was going to be successful in making lasting changes.

We discussed failures and successes with past “diets,” as well as my desire to find something I could continue with after I reached my target weight. Eric helped me choose a manageable health plan I felt fit with my strengths and weaknesses.

In the first four months, I lost 40 pounds. Over the following five months, I improved my nutrition, increased my exercise, and added weight lifting to reduce muscle loss. I have now lost nearly 100 pounds, reduced my body fat, passed my biometric testing, and am well below pre-diabetic levels.

I didn’t need a diet or an exercise plan. I needed a new, sustainable, way of life. For lack of a better description, I needed a life change.