A couple months ago, I woke up with an eye problem and remembered I could go to the Marathon Health and Wellness Center near work. I didn’t make an appointment ahead of time, but when I walked into the health center, Kari Doohen, MA, made time for me on the schedule.

Chris-Ann Lauria, NP, immediately knew there was something wrong with my eye and thought it needed prompt attention from an eye doctor. Instead of sending me to the emergency department or telling me to go to an eye clinic, she called around to several different eye clinics to find an ophthalmologist who could see me right away. After three calls, she found someone who could see me within the hour.

When the ophthalmologist examined me, he found two retinal tears that required urgent surgery, so I went to a retinal specialist.

Fortunately, the surgery saved my vision. Both eye clinics shared that they were happy and appreciative that the Marathon Health staff took time to see me and realized the urgency of the problem.

I am appreciative of the time Chris-Ann and Kari took with me. Their willingness to make a timely appointment for me made a big difference in saving my vision.