As a diabetic, I used to work with my primary care doctor to manage my condition. When he retired, I didn’t know where to go and eventually my medication ran out. One day, my supervisor could tell something was wrong so he sent me to the Marathon Health & Wellness Center. I had a physical exam and a few labs done. When the results came back, the Wellness Center staff told me to go straight to the emergency room. My HgA1c was 15.5 percent, my blood sugar was 685, and my blood was acidic.

Since my first visit to the Wellness Center, my overall health and understanding of my condition have improved dramatically. The team is very experienced and knowledgeable about diabetes. They taught me that many of the symptoms I was experiencing, such as blurry vision, fatigue, and pain in my feet, were due to high blood sugar. I worked closely with Chris-Ann Lauria, NP, to select a medication that would lower my sugars.

Now I give myself insulin injections every night and I feel much better! I have energy again, my blurry vision is gone, and my feet don’t hurt anymore. Chris-Ann and Kari Doohan, MA, helped me find a primary care provider and helped schedule appointments for my diabetic eye exams and dental check-ups. They even helped me find a diabetic educator. I know my HgA1c is still high, but it is down to 9.2 percent. I continue to see Kari and Chris-Ann monthly to work on getting it down further!