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Want to win $250?
If you have partnered with Marathon Health to improve your health, we want to hear from you! From all of the great stories, we pick 10 to publish and promote.
Our 10 winners will each receive $250. 

The next submission deadline is August 31, 2020.


Nathaniel City of Loveland, CO

I discovered I was diabetic from a work-sponsored annual blood draw. Soon after, I started to lose weight unexpectedly and found out I was in the beginning stages of ketoacidosis.

Sara - Escambia County School District, FL

I have struggled with weight my entire life and experience chronic foot pain, which deterred me from living an active lifestyle. I was in denial even after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, until the night before school started. That evening, I developed a severe kidney infection that lead to septicemia. For a month afterward, I felt sick, had little energy, and felt like diabetes was defeating me.

Merlin Lincoln Industries

My weight was above average for my height and I had a family history of elevated sugars and cholesterol. Still, I was startled when my doctor recommended I take Avandia for elevated glucose and Lipitor for elevated cholesterol.

Katie City of Sarasota, FL

Pregnancy changed my self-image more than anything ever has before. The body I once knew no longer felt the same. The indicators I used to keep my health on track became irrelevant. And over time, my personal health seemed to slide down my list of priorities. I didn’t look the way I wanted and certainly didn’t feel how I wanted to feel.

Karen Raymond James

I was overweight, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and my quality of life was low and only getting lower. I never knew how to get my health under control and needed more support than my primary care provider could give me.

Amanda Lane County

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 16 years old. The curve in my back caused back and leg pain,
affected my balance, and made exercising difficult. Because of this, I struggled with motivation.

Hong Nelnet

During my health screening in 2017, I did not meet my BMI or weight goal. Carrying extra weight took a toll on my body. I felt fatigued, struggled with severe obstructive sleep apnea, and small tasks like tying my shoes were taxing.

Earnestine Boar's Head

I knew I was overweight and something had to be done. Obesity turned into pre-diabetes, joint pain, feeling sluggish, and overall just not feeling my best.

Dawn Trustmark National Bank

Before I began my health journey, I was not living life, I was merely existing. I didn’t even realize how bad I felt. I was tired all of the time, sluggish, had poor sleep, no energy, and was fighting depression and anxiety. I was very discouraged and had resigned myself to be overweight and sick for the rest of my life.

Arturo C&S Wholesale Grocers


I started having pain and it would not go away on its own. The pain started getting worse and would intensify after work. As a result, I felt tight and did not sleep well, which left me fatigued and without energy to play with my children. I was uncomfortable and unable to sit in one place for any period of time.