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Want to win $250?
If you have partnered with Marathon Health to improve your health, we want to hear from you! From all of the great stories, we pick 10 to publish and promote.
Our 10 winners will each receive $250. 

The next submission deadline is May 31, 2020.


Tyrone Chatham County

I smoked for 15 years. Smoking caused me to have shortness of breath, fatigue, bad breath, and financial stress. Thankfully, after many failed attempts, I was able to quit with the help of Alisa Allicock, FNP, at Chatham County Employee Health Center.

Sean Wayne Farms

When We Care Wellness Center opened at our plant, I completed a Comprehensive Health Review (CHR) to discuss my overall health. The main reason I went was because it was free and I had never really been to the doctor for anything.

Robin Concho

I knew something was wrong, I never felt good. I was very emotional over nothing and was so tired I could barely function. I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma. Before finishing maintenance treatment, I
was diagnosed with APL Leukemia, which almost ended my life.

Robert Johnson Brothers

A couple months ago, I woke up with an eye problem and remembered I could go to the Marathon Health and Wellness Center near work. I didn’t make an appointment ahead of time, but when I walked into the health center, Kari Doohen, MA, made time for me on the schedule.

Peggy Charlotte County Public Schools

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 41 and for years did not have the condition under control. I was overweight as a result of poor eating habits and had major stressors in my life.

Oscar Cargill

I transferred my care to Marathon Health to work on my diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid problems, and chronic pain in my feet. I was seeing a different doctor, but he just gave me more medicine and never really explained anything.

Mahlako Boca Raton Regional Hospital


I was overweight, felt tired and unhappy, and needed to prioritize my overall health. As a mother of three, I needed a solution that would work with my busy schedule.

Emily Roanoke County

Most of my adult life I’ve been overweight. I was already at my heaviest weight, so when I got pregnant and added on another 60 pounds, I knew I needed to get my weight under control.

Anna Tufts University

Right before my 52nd birthday, I decided to get in better shape, be happier and healthier, have more motivation, and make a bigger difference in the world. My father passed away from a heart attack at 52 and I wanted to be my best self as I approached this age.

Abbie - Aflac

While visiting the Aflac Care Center, I expressed frustration to Wendy Wall, NP, about my unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. I was constantly tired, experiencing back and leg pain, had high blood pressure, and a negative self-image.