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Tell us your story.

You inspire us! If you have made health a priority - quit smoking, lost weight, addressed a chronic condition - we want to hear from you. From all of the great stories, we pick 10 to publish and promote. Our 10 winners will each receive $250.

The next submission deadline is February 28, 2019.


Jessica C&S Wholesale Grocers

Growing up I was always active but that changed when I hit my early twenties. A new year would arrive with a higher number on the scale. I knew I needed to lose weight and become more active so I could live a healthier lifestyle.

Andrew Lexington County

Twenty-eight years ago, I quit smoking. At that time, I started substituting food for cigarettes, causing a 150 pound weight gain. This extra weight on my 5’8” frame caused a number of health issues that I denied for years.

David C&S Wholesale Grocers

I won my battle with cancer and am now in my fifth year of remission. Cancer drains you in every way. I lost so much weight after undergoing chemotherapy and surgery that I had to fight to gain weight.

Doris Bay District Schools

As a result of my annual blood work, I found out that I have high cholesterol. This had a huge impact on me because I’m 50 years old and I do not want to be dependent on medications for my health.

Holly Basic American Foods

Weight problems and high cholesterol run in my family. I knew I was slowly gaining weight – I felt tired most of the time and I struggled to get out of bed.

Kyle Great-West Financial

I am six feet tall and weighed in at 310 pounds. I wore XXXL shirts and had a 46-inch waist. I was morbidly obese and I could feel it every time I took a step.

Marsha Averitt Express

As Benefits Administrator for Averitt Express, I am always encouraging people to utilize Marathon Health and the services they provide.

Martha Cargill

During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Later on, I was told I had Type 2 diabetes. I quickly felt like my diabetes had taken control of my life.

Richard Roanoke County Public Schools

After learning that I was pre-diabetic, I got scared that I may soon have to give myself daily injections. That was not something that I wanted to do for the remainder of my life.

Serena Larimer County

Because of smoking and obesity, I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to. I had to plan ahead for any event - will I get out of breath?