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Tell us your story.

You inspire us! If you have made health a priority - quit smoking, lost weight, addressed a chronic condition - we want to hear from you. From all of the great stories, we pick 10 to publish and promote. Our 10 winners will each receive $250.

The next submission deadline is February 28, 2019.


Stephanie Roanoke County Schools

I was overweight. I gained about 50 pounds over four years - it crept on slowly. My weight affected everything.

Ricardo - Hearthside Food Solutions

Since my twenties, I have struggled with severe fatigue. I was so tired I could barely make it through my shift. On top of that, I had trouble focusing and was very forgetful due to my low attention span.

Johnathan Aflac

In December 2016, I had chest pain, which lead to a visit to the emergency room. Thankfully, my heart was fine, but instead I had to face a different problem: I was 490 pounds and needed to lose weight.

Joeie Trustmark National Bank

After many months of feeling very sluggish and unhealthy, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Jeremy County of Lexington SC

When I first visited the Lexington County Employee Health & Wellness Center I was determined to achieve two goals: to get my high blood pressure under control and address why I was experiencing so much back pain.

Gregorio Keller ISD

Seven years ago, I had a physical done for my job and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was prescribed medication, and after 30 days I called the doctor’s office to get refills.

Evelia Cargill

The Marathon Health center saved my life. Really. I knew that I should have been getting regular checkups, but I put them off and made excuses not to go to the doctor.

Ciara City of St. Cloud

Over time I had gained weight, and as a result my blood pressure and cholesterol became high. My family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, so what I always feared felt like it was coming true: my health and weight were going to be the death of me.

Barbara Basic American Foods

It was March 2017, the month of my big 60th birthday. I was overweight and taking prescription medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Angela Boca Raton Regional Hospital

As an outgoing middle child with five siblings, my family is incredibly important to me. We say “The family that eats together, stays together!” That’s just who we are.