I transferred my care to Marathon Health to work on my diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid problems, and chronic pain in my feet. I was seeing a different doctor, but he just gave me more medicine and never really explained anything. Despite the medication, my foot pain, headaches, and other symptoms never improved. I felt terrible and very frustrated.

The first time I went to Marathon Health, our nurse practitioner explained that if we worked together to get my diabetes under control, the foot pain would improve. She reviewed my numbers with me and laid out my A1c goal. I also worked with Alejandra Ramirez, RN health coach, to improve my nutrition and exercise routine. I appreciated that they have interpreters at the center, which is important to me and wasn’t provided at my old doctor’s office.

I followed Alejandra’s recommendations, and as a result my A1c and foot pain have improved. During my appointments, they always explain the numbers to me, and we talk about what I’m doing right and where I can improve.

Today, my diabetes is under control, I’ve lost weight, I rarely have foot pain, and I am no longer taking as many medications. I am able to exercise and work without pain and have more energy to do the things I enjoy. I now understand that changes to my lifestyle are just as important as the medications thanks to the education I’ve received at Marathon Health.