I discovered I was diabetic from a work-sponsored annual blood draw. Soon after, I started to lose weight unexpectedly and found out I was in the beginning stages of ketoacidosis.

Aside from being mildly overweight, my eyesight was suffering and I had occasional episodes of dizziness. My average A1c was 11.1 percent. My doctor prescribed Metformin but I refused to take the medication. Instead, I wanted to overhaul my diet and exercise habits.

I returned to the Employee Wellness Center to see Darci Mathison, NP. She helped me modify my diet to stay away from sugar and high carbohydrate foods. I now follow a strict low-carbohydrate/high-fat diet and avoid all foods and beverages with sugar. I exercise routinely by running, walking, or swimming at least three times a week.

My diabetes diagnosis was devastating to say the least but I can proudly say that today, 10 months after my diagnosis, I have made great strides. My A1c has dropped to 5.1 percent, I’ve lost 36 pounds, and my blood sugar levels have normalized.

I thank Marathon Health for discovering my complications. It may sound odd, but having diabetes has changed my life for the better. My family took an “all hands on deck” approach while altering the way we lived and what foods we consumed. Now, I have more energy to play with my precious children and have never felt closer to my wife in our 11-year marriage. I’m 42 years old and feel like I have the energy I had in my early 20s!