My weight was above average for my height and I had a family history of elevated sugars and cholesterol. Still, I was startled when my doctor recommended I take Avandia for elevated glucose and Lipitor for elevated cholesterol. I told my doctor I wanted to try some lifestyle changes first, as I was reluctant to rely on pills to solve the problem.

I decided to enroll in health coaching with Mary Meyer, RN, health coach, from Marathon Health. With her knowledge and support, I began eating a high-fiber diet and exercising. Change was difficult at first. I really craved the sugars and fats, but after a while, I no longer missed them. These changes enabled me to lose 15 pounds in three months and returned my glucose and cholesterol levels back to normal range.

Maintaining change is not easy, even with a strong commitment and the best intentions. You must commit to a lifestyle change, not just a temporary diet. Luckily, researchers are constantly finding new ways to fine-tune nutrition and exercise to help us live longer, healthier lives.

Marathon Health’s health coaching was the key to getting healthier. They have the latest research and information on nutrition, diet, and exercise. I have learned a lot since Lincoln Industries provided its employees with this valuable benefit. It is a wonderful feeling when I can go out and participate in activities with people who are twenty years younger than me and keep up with them. And best of all, I was able to climb my first “fourteener” - a 14,000 foot mountain – and that’s not bad when you are 67!