Over the years, my weight increased, peaking at 247 pounds. I was ashamed to have my picture taken.

That summer, my daughter started the Biggest Loser program with the Shwellness Center, our health center at work. My journey started there.

During the program, the Shwellness Center team supported us with nutritional guides and encouraged us to get active.
This year, I’ve lost 59 pounds by making smart food choices and exercising. When I gained back 10 pounds after the program, I started another weight-loss group with peers. I helped plan weekly events, nutrition classes, and created a Facebook group for encouragement and support. We’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears together.

Today, my journey is far from over but I’ve made my health a priority. I now love getting active. I’ve started participating in local YMCA races and I choose to eat healthy every day. Anything you do today is better than nothing yesterday!