Plagued by high blood pressure and limited mobility caused by obesity, my mental health was in a downward spiral. I couldn’t play catch or throw the football around with my two teenage sons for any extended period of time. I got tired quickly and had little patience.

Determined to turn things around, I visited the Cypress Waters Health Center for a physical evaluation. From then on, I worked regularly with Pamela Hillery, RN health coach. She helped me focus on positive progress, introduced me to the keto diet, and monitored my weight and blood pressure. For those employees without an extended family or friend network, having a health coach at work can make all the difference.

When I started this journey, I could only walk. I walked around the duck pond at Mr. Cooper’s Lake Vista location, averaging a 25-minute mile. Many times, I walked not feeling or knowing if it was really helping me, but I just kept doing it. I didn’t give up. Today, I jog three to four times per week. I have also gained the knowledge to evaluate what is in the foods I eat and whether they’ll aid me in achieving my weight-loss goals.

My overall health is much better – I have lost 62 pounds, am able to do more with my sons, and my quality of sleep has improved. Best of all, I no longer need to take high blood pressure medication. I am more productive at work, as I am able to focus my attention longer on problems and work through them.