I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 15 years ago. I was morbidly obese, struggled to get in and out of my vehicle, and generally felt lethargic. Although I had been visiting the CEBT Health & Wellness Center at Loveland and meeting with Joy Callender, PA, I wasn’t making a real commitment to improving my health. I told Joy I wanted to control my diabetes with diet, exercise, and oral medication but continued to consume sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, and large portions of food.

I hit rock bottom when my uncontrolled blood sugar and kidney stones turned into sepsis. I spent nine days in the hospital and was released after they transitioned me to insulin. I was thankful for my relationship with the wellness center team because they were there to help me get back on the right path after discharge.

Joy continues to give me the support I need to change my diet to fit my lifestyle and meets with me for health coaching visits every week. We discuss the impact of activity level and exercise, the importance of vision and feet checks, and work to better understand blood glucose and A1c levels.

Today, my A1c is down to 6.5 from 10.3. I have also lost over 40 pounds in the past five months and reduced my daily insulin from 30 units to 10. My advice? If you don’t feel well, start making changes to your health. The team at your wellness center is there to support you every step of the way!