I was overweight, felt tired and unhappy, and needed to prioritize my overall health. As a mother of three, I needed a solution that would work with my busy schedule. I took the first step and went to my employer’s onsite health center, @WorkCare, to connect with a primary care provider (PCP). She was very thorough and provided the best care.

Following my visit, I received helpful emails from Marathon Health about small changes that can make a big difference in my health. The health awareness, accountability, and wellness challenges created by my employer and Marathon Health were huge motivators for me. Thanks to the @WorkCare staff, we created a health awareness culture in our department. The whole oncology research team makes time to walk outside regularly, even in the hot Florida sun. We also meet to do Zumba in the evenings. Everyone has a Fitbit and shares their daily achievements in the office.

The focus on health and wellbeing was contagious. I started using the stairs from the parking garage and in the buildings and improved my portion control. In eight months, I’ve lost 30 pounds, have more energy, and feel supported by a loving team.

I feel alive and well. I can think more clearly and am more efficient in my work. I enjoy getting dressed up again and feel happier!