My body mass index had always been higher than desired. The excess weight lowered my energy level, quality of sleep, and motivation to participate in activities. It wasn’t until I lost 50 pounds that I began to fully realize how much my weight negatively impacted my life.

From the very beginning, Doreen Benoit, NP, and the staff at the PC Health & Wellness Center encouraged a proactive approach to health. The guidance I received from Marathon Health staff helped me recognize my progress and feel great about my goals throughout my weight-loss journey. No matter the topic, I always got answers and support.

I diligently tracked my calories, followed the advice of a nutritionist, slowly changed daily habits, and gained valuable stress management strategies. I made positive steps toward a better work-life balance, and once I started shedding the weight, I had more energy and wanted to move more. I found ways to exercise more, which in turn improved my productivity at work. I even ran a 10K this spring - something I hadn’t done in 15 years!

Overall, I am happier and more confident because I lost weight and feel so much better. My advice is to start with small, manageable changes. Make new habits and then set new goals. Be accountable to yourself and also to somebody else (a Marathon Health coach or a loved one). Finally, don’t forget to recognize your accomplishments – enjoy your success!