Pregnancy changed my self-image more than anything ever has before. The body I once knew no longer felt the same. The indicators I used to keep my health on track became irrelevant. And over time, my personal health seemed to slide down my list of priorities. I didn’t look the way I wanted and certainly didn’t feel how I wanted to feel.

Not making my own health a priority set the wrong tone for me and my family. A lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and low energy levels all go hand in hand. Most notably though, my mental health suffered.

I knew it was time for change, so I saw Anthony Lyon, MD, at the Sarasota Employee Health Center. His personalized attention was unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 37 years of doctor visits. Dr. Lyon reviewed my health assessment and lab results with me and taught me the significance behind my results. Seeing all of my medical numbers motivated me far more than stepping on the scale. Marathon Health’s benchmarks and incentives to live healthfully have helped me stay motivated.

I have now remained engaged with my health for 11 months. I exercise five to six times a week and have found that when I’m exercising regularly, I have more energy and naturally make healthier eating choices. Thanks to Marathon Health, I have learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, I’m a better wife and mother.