2019_Q2_sq_JosephIn February of 2018 a lump formed on my neck. At first I thought it was a swollen gland, but when it grew, I knew I had to visit the Marathon Health & Wellness Center. Without making an appointment, I went and saw Colleen Schaeffel, PA, the same day. After examining the lump, Colleen said I needed to see my personal physician as soon as possible.

My physician did a biopsy and confirmed I had throat cancer so I immediately started aggressive radiation and chemotherapy. I felt lucky that the type of cancer I had has a high cure rate; however, the treatment took a serious toll on my mouth and throat. I had a hard time swallowing and lost over 70 pounds during treatment, but after a few months, I resumed normal eating and went back to work. I am happy to report I am now cancer free!

I’ve always tried to be healthy, but after my cancer diagnosis, my focus on health increased. I drink more water, consume less soda, and monitor my sugar intake.

If asked about the best way to get started, I would say the first step is to go to your health center. Since it was so easy to access Marathon Health, I was able to quickly identify a serious health problem and get immediate treatment. I’m so appreciative of the entire Marathon Health team and will keep using this tremendous resource our company provides. Don’t wait if you’re struggling - Marathon Health will get you the help you need!