I couldn’t use my right arm for most daily activities. Wrist and elbow braces didn’t work and even pouring coffee or using a drill was painful. My orthopedic surgeon was convinced it was carpel tunnel, even after cortisone shots provided no relief. As a busy single mom, I struggled emotionally, because I felt I wasn’t able to provide for my family or enjoy playing with my kids like I wanted to.

When my surgeon referred me for physical therapy, I chose to use the Union Trades Medical Center. During my initial visit with Jon Strychasz, PT, he determined it wasn’t carpel tunnel and that the pain was being caused by a pinched nerve in my neck. After only a few minutes of neck stretches, I had relief from the pain I had been experiencing for over two years. Nerve testing ordered by my surgeon confirmed Jon’s thinking.

Daily stretches and weekly visits with Jon are helping me get back to my normal self. I no longer wear braces, the pain is more manageable, and I can perform all activities with little to no restrictions. My mental health has also improved greatly, and I no longer need help with simple things, which boosts my self-esteem! I could have avoided years of pain had someone listened to me like Jon did.

Work no longer physically drains me and I can perform house chores more efficiently, which leaves more time for my family. Life has improved in every aspect, and my days are much more rewarding!