During my health screening in 2017, I did not meet my BMI or weight goal. Carrying extra weight took a toll on my body. I felt fatigued, struggled with severe obstructive sleep apnea, and small tasks like tying my shoes were taxing. Being overweight also impacted my mental health and self-esteem. I decided to take action and sign up for health coaching through Marathon Health.

During my first appointment at Wellnet with Angela Curran, NP, she instilled hope in me that I would succeed and I appreciated her empathy. We created action plans covering diet, meal planning, and exercise, which helped me prioritize my physical and mental health. We regularly discussed my progress, struggles, and triumphs.

To date, I’ve lost 50 pounds and feel much happier and confident in myself. I am on a diet medically supervised by my primary care provider, I’m mindful of my portions, and I log my food and fitness in MyFitnessPal. My sleep apnea is being treated, and I have so much more energy. Best of all, I’ve implemented more exercise into my lifestyle like kickboxing!

I continue to see Angela to work on my weight loss journey, and I now know that I can work hard and achieve my goals. A few colleagues have told me I inspired them to start working out, and my weight loss even inspired my husband to be more mindful about his diet. Losing weight is a difficult physical and mental journey. I took a holistic approach to my health and it has paid off tremendously!