2019_Q2_sq_EvelynIn July 2018, I had bloodwork performed at the Cypress Waters Health Center. Although I thought I felt fine at the time, Christina Keil, FNP, told me my A1c was elevated and I was at risk of developing diabetes. This terrified me, as I wanted to be healthy for my husband and children.

When I dejectedly asked her for medication to manage my condition, Christina explained that we could achieve the same results with a careful diet. She took the time to teach me about insulin resistance and explained how my body processes different foods. I made the decision to switch to a sugar- and flour-free diet, which Christina helped me implement.

After following Christina’s advice for a few months, I returned to the health center and found out that my A1c had moved out of prediabetic range. I couldn’t wait to tell my family the good news!

I owe a lot to Christina. She is always positive and motivating while coaching me, and she believed in me when I had no confidence in myself. Now I feel fantastic and have a new appreciation for my body and what it does with food. I have more energy, am more alert, can tie my shoes easier, and don’t get as winded when climbing stairs. My family and I have replaced sweets with proteins, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Make sure you take baby steps when working on your health, and stick with your plan long enough to see results. You really can do it!