2019_Q2_sq_Erika I have been visiting the Live Well Center to work on mental health and processing of personal traumas. I had become increasingly depressed and wasn’t living my best life. Feeling shut down, lost, lonely, confused, and lacking strength and confidence, I sought help from Leisha Price, LPC. She listened and told me how trauma affected my way of thinking. With Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment and talk therapy, Leisha has supported me in my journey toward healing past hurts and changing behavioral patterns.

The major change I made was becoming a champion of my self-care routines pertaining to diet, exercise, rest, meditation, and relaxation. I am more sensitive and now know we all may have been through something traumatizing. I honor this fact by being supportive in my roles as coworker, friend, and family member. Now I fill my days with love and light, and recognize when I need personal downtime to be my best self.

Today, my mental health is infinitely better than when I first visited the health center and is improving every day. I am a better listener and can express my feelings, wants, and needs. No longer preoccupied by painful thoughts and feelings at work, I am more productive and considerate.

For those starting out, it won’t be easy and real results may take a while. Each day you don’t seek help is one more taken away from your healing process. Be patient and thank yourself every day for being brave enough to do this extremely important work!