I have always been very nervous about going to the doctor. Growing up, I had my blood drawn frequently, which contributed to my irrational fear of needles and overall dread of going to the doctor’s office. Despite this, when I discovered I had high cholesterol, I was highly motivated to make lifestyle changes to avoid taking medications. So, I decided to visit the BPS Well-Care Center.

Nicole Nerstheimer, MA, is always friendly and greets me by my first name during my frequent trips to the center. This instantly makes me feel comfortable. She is conscious of my needle aversion and I appreciate that I can work with her each visit.

Through my frequent visits for blood work to track my cholesterol numbers and the diet consultations I receive from Devon Martinez, RN health coach, I have lowered my triglycerides over 80 points! The changes to my diet and exercise regime are now part of my life and I am happy knowing I am able to achieve a change without medication.

I tell everyone here in our building about the care the health center provides. It is so easy to walk out to the parking lot to receive medical care. What could be easier? Even someone like me who has anxiety about medical procedures can feel comfortable when they visit our Well-Care Center.