Before I began my health journey, I was not living life, I was merely existing. I didn’t even realize how bad I felt. I was tired all of the time, sluggish, had poor sleep, no energy, and was fighting depression and anxiety. I was very discouraged and had resigned myself to be overweight and sick for the rest of my life.

Romona Mayeux, FNP, at the TrustWell Health & Wellness Center provided the support and encouragement I needed to make a positive change after my prediabetes diagnosis in 2016 (that included gaining 60 pounds in one year). She told me what I needed to do, and never stopped believing that I could do it.

Today, I’ve completely changed the way I eat. I now treat food as fuel for my body, rather than comfort for when things get hard. I make choices based on what my body needs to perform at the level it was designed to. I eat organic whole foods, very little processed food, and I supplement my diet with protein shakes and probiotics.

I’ve lost 43 pounds since May 2018 and feel better than I ever have. My triglycerides and cholesterol are all within normal range and I have brought my A1c down to prediabetes range – all without medication. Today, I am living life instead of existing. I am more active both personally and professionally, and I can better manage stress with a positive attitude. I feel amazing and that keeps me motivated to continue to make healthy choices.