I spent years visiting my family physician and had always been told my heart was healthy overall. He said that I had a mild heart murmur, but I still felt like there was a more serious issue.

I visited the Healthy4Life Employee Health Care Center where I saw Eileen Bauman, FNP, and Yarilis Cortes, MA. Eileen immediately knew there was something wrong when she listened to my heart. She referred me to a cardiologist to complete further testing and I was diagnosed with a calcified heart valve. I needed open-heart surgery as soon as possible – it was life or death for me.

My surgeon told me after the operation that I was born with a defective heart valve and he didn’t know how I had lived for as long as I had. The surgery saved my life, and my experience changed how I live. I don’t take anything for granted and have started living a healthier lifestyle.

I have quit smoking, limit my sodium intake, and have become more active. Now I have a lot more energy and don’t get headaches the way I used to.

Without Eileen, Yarilis, and the Healthy4Life Employee Health Care Center, I might not be alive today. I am so grateful for their diligent care. If you have any heart concerns, see a cardiologist, and if you have any challenges with your health, visit your employee health center!