I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 13 years ago and had tried to achieve a healthier weight ever since. I was embarrassed by my lifestyle and saw my family struggle with health issues of their own. Then, in January 2019, my father died. This loss, paired with my desire to improve my health so I could spend more time with my family, motivated me to make a change.

I decided to visit Levi Rizk, DO, at the Fauquier County Employee Wellness Center, and we bonded right away. He provided guidance to help me lose weight and make healthier eating choices, and took the time to have great conversations about family. I also joined the wellness center’s weight loss challenge.

In just six months, I lost 45 pounds and received the best blood work and body scan results I’ve had in years. I’ve started exercising and lifting weights, have reduced my caloric intake, and eat fresh, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

I’m now 47 and in the best shape of my life. I see that others have noticed my results and have been inspired to make changes of their own. I take my newfound responsibility as a role model very seriously and lead by example. I enjoy helping my family members and colleagues make healthier lifestyle choices, because I know the importance of a strong support system. I was fortunate to have everyone at the wellness center providing such wonderful support and customer service – now I am passing it on.