For a long time, I was not doing well. I felt ill all the time and it hurt to move. I came to realize I was slowly but surely killing myself. Eventually, I visited the Cypress Waters Health Center for an annual checkup and a biometric screening. I learned my blood glucose was so high that unless something changed soon I would become diabetic and would need to take medication. Cheryl Vanderbilt- Ellis, PA, gave me three months to turn things around and recommended I begin working with Pamela Hillery, RN health coach.

I was immediately impressed with how supportive both women were. They helped me take gradual, baby steps toward improving my health. That was just what I needed. I changed my nutrition, but I don’t call it a diet. I consider it my healthy lifestyle now. I have way more energy than before, am getting more exercise, and am more intentional about taking care of myself.

To date, I’ve lost 45 pounds! While this is just half the weight I want to lose, I know I am on my way. I found that even when the journey was difficult, I still felt motivated because once I started feeling better, I didn’t want to go back to the way I was before. Making small adjustments to my everyday routine helps me get to where I’m going without feeling overwhelmed and sabotaging myself. I am proud of the changes I have made and grateful for the catalyst – supportive health coaches at Marathon Health.