As a working mother of two children under age two, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and lacked confidence. I wasn’t nourishing my body with healthy foods and knew my weight gain and exhaustion stemmed from this. When it came to mental health, I tried everything I could think of to feel better but still felt anxious every day. I knew I needed to gain control of two areas of my personal health: diet and mental health.

I met with Melissa Perry, health coach, at the WellAdvantage Health Center to talk about my health goals. She did much more than provide healthy suggestions. She listened to my concerns each month, took my body measurements, and celebrated my accomplishments! I also shared my mental health struggles with Ashley Bryant, NP, who helped me devise an action plan that included medication and life changes to control my anxiety.

Now, between daily workouts at our onsite fitness center and antidepressant medication, I feel like a new person. I have a healthy relationship with food, know how to make good dietary choices, and have dropped 10.5 inches from my waist and two clothing sizes. I even started training for a marathon happening next year! I am most ecstatic about taking control of my mental health - these days anxiety does not prevent me from enjoying life.

Reach out to the resources you have available! I am so thankful I have a one-stop-shop when it comes to seeing my nurse practitioner and dietitian, picking up medication, and getting a workout in.