I started having pain and it would not go away on its own. The pain started getting worse and would intensify after work. As a result, I felt tight and did not sleep well, which left me fatigued and without energy to play with my children. I was uncomfortable and unable to sit in one place for any period of time.

As a truck driver, I need to be in a seated position in my work vehicles. Thankfully, after I visited Matt Walters, PT, DPT, at the GSC Wholesale Healthy Living Wellness Center, I learned what was causing the pain. My first physical therapy appointment loosened me up and alleviated the pain. I was able to increase my time at work and had more energy. At my next visit, Matt adjusted my spine in the low back and neck and was able to resolve the pain and tightness.

I am now pain free and have the information to stay that way. Matt educated me on how to sit properly and adjust seat positions in my personal and work vehicles. Plus, I’ve changed my sleep positioning and pillow. He was able to give me exercises and information to help me maintain the gains I have made.

Overall, I am eating healthier and taking better care of myself. I suggest visiting your Marathon Health center because the staff can help give you a new lease on life. They can help you feel better, sleep better, and live without pain.