Right before my 52nd birthday, I decided to get in better shape, be happier and healthier, have more motivation, and make a bigger difference in the world. My father passed away from a heart attack at 52 and I wanted to be my best self as I approached this age.

I joined a group health coaching program and learned about the power of positivity. I spoke affirmations until they were my truths and practiced awareness and elimination of negative self-talk. Changing my behavior helped me gain confidence, reconnect with my strengths, and become fearless and ready to work hard for what I want.

Along the way, I shared ideas and views with Carine Corsaro, RN health coach, at The Wellness Center. Carine kept me honest and accountable as I showed up to weigh in and share success stories with her. I did this for many years and it became a pleasant weekly routine. I’d drop by to walk around the indoor track and share stories of health, family, and aspirations.

At age 53, I developed a new routine. I began sleeping more, eating cleaner with the intention of nourishing my body, and tackled a 5:30 am high-intensity boot camp program. I dropped 30 pounds and 5.6 percent body fat and built endurance, muscle, and stamina. My once stiff body and aching knees are no more. I now set goals and crush them. I love the new version of me and am forever grateful for this journey and how it has helped shape me.