I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 16 years old. The curve in my back caused back and leg pain,
affected my balance, and made exercising difficult. Because of this, I struggled with motivation. Not willing to give up, I made it my goal to exercise regularly, improve my strength and balance, and start running. I joined the cross-country running team my junior year of high school and quickly discovered running was my passion.

When I visited Eva Schmidt, FNP, at the Live Well Center, she commended me on the progress I had made and encouraged me to stay healthy. She taught me about resources I could utilize and boosted my self-confidence, reinforcing my determination to work hard.

During my first year at Oregon State University, I joined the running club. I enjoy meeting other people who are passionate about running and competing against other schools/clubs in the area. Last spring, I ran my first marathon, the Dam Marathon in Oakridge, Oregon. I trained for six months and achieved a time of 3 hours, 53 minutes. I attribute these great experiences to the health changes I’ve made.

Over the summer, I learned my curve had improved from 35 to 30 percent. I am in the greatest shape of my life and plan to keep improving! I am in less pain and feel much happier. I own businesses raising beef cattle, laying hens, and growing berries so having a healthier, stronger back has helped me better care for my animals, plants, and myself.