Are you on a journey to get healthier? Tell us your story. Maybe you’ve found new healthy foods, quit smoking, made exercise part of your routine, or discovered a health issue in time to do something about it. No matter how big or small your health victory might seem, it’s worth celebrating – and we want to hear about it! We’ll select ten stories four times this year to feature at Marathon Health sites around the country. If your story is chosen, you’ll win $250! And by sharing your successes, you’ll inspire others to begin working on their own.

The next submission deadline is May 31.


Tangerine Hampton City Schools

Before visiting Hampton City Schools Employee Health & Wellness Center, I was a walking mess. Sheree Savage-Artis, FNP, and Mary Kegelman, DNP, FNP-BC, changed my entire view on healthcare during my first visit.

Amy City of Fort Collins

One night a few months ago, I was overcome with crippling abdominal pain. Within the hour it went away so I believed it was something I ate.

Herlinde Aflac

At 51 years old, I was finding a lot of questionable spots on my skin. When the Aflac Care Center offered a free skin cancer screening I jumped at the opportunity.

Trent New Balance

I’ve had issues with my knees since I had surgery in 1993. Around 2005, my weight began to climb and I developed bursitis in my knees.

Carrie Great-West Financial

I was overweight and always tired and sluggish, and knew I needed to get my biometric numbers under control. More importantly, I wanted to feel better.

Stacey Wake County

Prior to June 2016, I would have rated myself as “excellent” when asked about my health: I ate right, I worked out regularly, and I made healthy choices.

Christine Lane County

I’ve been overweight all my life and have been diabetic for the last fifteen years. When the symptoms of diabetes started getting worse with my weight gain, I started working on losing weight and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Danielle City of Rockford

I had been struggling for years with severe psoriasis and IBS symptoms that many doctors had tried to treat. All the previous solutions only worked for short periods of time.

Janie Chatham County

I learned that my blood sugar levels were in the prediabetic range after a visit to Chatham County Employee Health Center. I had heard so many disturbing things about the disease. I was terrified.

Gwendolyn CEBT

My family history played a big part in my health problems. I was dealing with issues related to high blood pressure, weight, blood glucose levels, triglycerides, and cholesterol.