Connie was diagnosed with auto-immune diseases Sjogrens Syndrome and mixed connective tissue disease in 2012, and then in 2014, she was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Since the diagnoses, she has been on medications that made her gain unwanted weight. The diseases also made her fatigue easily, among other uncomfortable symptoms.


The effects of the diseases and medications made it hard for Connie to get rid of the extra weight. Then she met with Wendy Wall, a family nurse practitioner at the AFLAC Care Center, for a Comprehensive Health Review to discuss her health stats. Wendy connected Connie to an exercise group that she has been dedicated to ever since. At first she struggled to even complete a few minutes of the workout without taking a break, but now she completes full Zumba sessions without stopping. Even more importantly, she has found that being active has dramatically helped her manage all of her symptoms.  

Connie was most recently named one of our ten quarterly Healthy Like Me winners. Healthy Like Me is a program where patients can tell us how Marathon Health helped them achieve their best health. We select 10 winners each quarter, and if allowable, award them $250. The next round of stories are due by February 26, 2016. To read about Connie and other Healthy Like Me winners, visit

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