Thomas had been going to the ECSD Center for Health and Wellness for several years. He knew the results of his health assessments each year were not great but the stakes of his health status had not yet set in. Then, Krystal Rogers, a registered nurse at the center, spent time to go into careful detail about his conditions and explained to him the severity of what could happen if he didn’t take his results seriously. He left that appointment with a new understanding and motivation to change certain behaviors. Speaking of the revelation, he says, “I knew I had to regain my health so I could be around for my fifteen-year-old son.”thomas.jpg

He was overweight and felt tired and simply just not well overall. He had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He lost breath easily and couldn’t sleep well. With Krystal’s guidance, Thomas improved his diet and started an exercise routine that was easy for him to maintain. He lost weight and lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure, and he found he had more energy during the day. Best of all, he says that knowing how dramatically his health is improving “gives him peace of mind.”

Thomas was most recently named one of our ten quarterly Healthy Like Me winners. Healthy Like Me is a program where patients can tell us how Marathon Health helped them achieve their best health. We select 10 winners each quarter, and if allowable, award them $250. The next round of stories are due by February 26, 2016. To read about Thomas and other Healthy Like Me winners, visit

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