Like many cigarette smokers, Rodney knew his habit was bad for his health. It made a dent in his finances and it turned his mustache yellow. But it wasn’t until he had his blood pressure checked at The COR Wellness Center operated by Marathon Health for the City of Rockford that he decided to make a change.


Not only did Kristina Passerelli, a Family Nurse Practitioner, help him quit smoking with a Chantix prescription, she coached him to make better food choices and helped adjust his blood pressure medication so now Rodney eats healthier, exercises more and avoids cigarettes. Rodney says, “You don’t know how bad you feel until you feel better.” He plans to lose more weight through coaching with the Marathon Health team because he knows that even though he is extremely happy with his recent changes, he can feel even better.

Rodney was most recently named one of our ten quarterly Healthy Like Me winners. Healthy Like Me is a program where patients can tell us how Marathon Health helped them get healthy. We select 10 winners each quarter, and if allowable, award them $250. The next round of stories are due by February 26, 2016. To read about Rodney and other Healthy Like Me winners, visit

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