Linda-City-of-Plantation-1When Marathon Health opened a wellness center at Linda’s workplace, she was intrigued by the convenience and she couldn’t wait to check out the services. The timing was right for her as she had been collecting a list of health issues that concerned her. Her diabetes was out of control which meant she lost her breath easily, her legs and ankles were swollen, and she was the heaviest she had ever been.


She arrived at the Employee Health and Wellness Care Center for the City of Plantation with these concerns and was met with compassion from Diane Huntley, a Family Nurse Practitioner with Marathon Health, and she returned again and again because of the encouragement and support the health center staff gave her. The clinicians knew when to refer her to outside experts, such as a hematologist, and they empowered her to make changes to her routine to focus on her wellness. Their coaching and Linda’s own motivation have led her to feel the best she has in years. She runs at a gym, she’s lost more than sixty-five pounds and her vitamin levels are down to normal. Her diabetes is now under control because she became empowered to work on her health.


Linda was most recently named one of our ten quarterly Healthy Like Me winners. Healthy Like Me is a program where patients can tell us how Marathon Health helped them get healthy. We select 10 winners each quarter, and if allowable, award them $250. The next round of stories are due by November 27, 2015. To read about Linda and other Healthy Like Me winners, visit

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