corporate-wellness-planFitbit. Garmin. UP by Jawbone. Have you heard of them? These are three of the most popular wearable fitness trackers on the market and experts project that they’re not going anywhere for a while.

Why you should add wearables to your corporate wellness plan

So what are these fancy wrist gadgets all about? They show real-time data of a variety of health-related values (steps, calories burned, active minutes, sleeping patterns) and for many people, seeing the numbers can be very influential in raising health awareness.

Social influence and camaraderie through individual and team challenges featuring a wearable fitness tracker can be a fun way to empower employees to be active and take an interest in their overall health (eating and sleeping habits can be tracked as well). Fitbit, Garmin, and UP by Jawbone all have their own division of corporate wellness solutions to partner with employers who would like to integrate wearable fitness trackers into the workplace.

Here’s how to take the next step and see if this is a wellness solution for your organization:

  1. Contact the Corporate Wellness Division of the wearable fitness tracker of your choice to obtain details, preferred pricing, case studies, and options for your organization.
  2. Design a wellness program or campaign featuring the wearable fitness tracker and the steps to be completed in order to receive the tracker as a reward for participating.
  3. Facilitate individual and team challenges using the wearable fitness trackers and inspire employees to achieve their personal health goals.

Don’t be afraid to test the waters. Wearable fitness trackers can be great rewards or prizes to incorporate into your current wellness programming. By offering these trackers as a prize or reward, you might receive valuable feedback from recipients or others who take notice of the new gadget. If you need more data and testimonials, ask the fitness tracker companies to share case studies from real organizations they partner with. We’re also happy to help! Marathon Health would be honored to share our experience (currently in year 1) with wearable fitness trackers in the corporate wellness world.

Get tracking!

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