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A Roadmap to Reopening: What All Industries Should Keep in Mind

Over the past few months, we have been creating a strategic Return to Business framework to help our customers address the impact of COVID-19 and resume operations while protecting the ongoing health and safety of employees. As more businesses open up, utilizing a framework is crucial to return to the workplace in a safe and responsible way.

The Work Week, Reimagined: Returning to Daily Life After COVID-19

Three Steps HR Professionals Must Consider

The coronavirus pandemic brought daily life to a standstill. With businesses closed, schools canceled and families staying at home, people found their typical daily schedules were now dramatically different.  

With many states now in the midst of reopening, there is a lot of buzz surrounding businesses resuming operations, employees returning to the office and elected leaders deciding how best to jumpstart local, state, and federal economies.

For employees who have been out of work or have been working fully from home, the new office environment is likely to be very different than when they left. Physically returning to work will be a big shift and require time for employees to acquiesce.