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Marathon Health Named Fastest Growing Company in Vermont Two Years in a Row!

Late last week we received the word that once again, Marathon Health is the fastest-growing company in Vermont! 

Marathon Health EMR v5 is Live!

After countless hours planning, developing, testing, and training, we’re excited to announce that Marathon Health Electronic Medical Record v5 is live for patients and clinicians!

Marathon Health Named Fastest Growing Business in Vermont!

We are very excited to annouce that Marathon Health was named the fastest growing business in Vermont over the past five years by Vermont Business Magazine at its awards ceremony held this week in Burlington. Marathon Health achieved a 900% growth rate in this time period. Each year, Vermont Business Magazine recognizes businesses in five categories –employee owned, manufacturing, services, technology, and wholesale businesses. Marathon Health was first in the services category as well as all other categories to be the top growth company in the state.

Marathon Health on E-Health Radio

Here's a terrific interview with Marathon Health National Director of Health Coaching Mary Meyer. Mary is very insightful as she shares what makes the Marathon Health coaching model different, and how our clinicians are able to change lives.

Mack Energy Partners with Marathon Health, Inc. for Worksite HealthCare

From Streetinsider.com

The Future Patient, the Connected Patient

When you think about the future patient, what comes to mind? For me, it includes a lot of wires and beeps—i.e. technology that guides, measures, and prods the patient to make healthy choices. Too long on the couch? You get an electro buzz to the potato area. Not enough sleep? Soothing sounds are triggered to get you back into a deep REM state. Reaching for Ben & Jerry’s? Your daily calorie and exercise totals are read into your ear buds.

Duncan Aviation Family Health now open

Duncan Aviation Family Health opened at Duncan Aviation's Lincoln and Battle Creek, Mich., sites earlier this month.

The health centers for employees are staffed by an on-site physician assistant and nurse practitioner. They accommodate Duncan Aviation employees and their families for scheduled appointments as well as drop-in care.

“We hope as news of the Duncan Aviation Family Health center spreads through our many information outlets and via word of mouth, more people will utilize the free preventative care services so we can detect serious health conditions through assessments and screenings early on, improving the overall health of our most valuable assets: our team members,” Duncan Aviation Wellness Coordinator Tori Pallas said in a news release.

The primary and preventative health care services are available to all Duncan Aviation team members, spouses and dependents age 6 and older who are covered by a Duncan Aviation medical insurance plan.

Marathon Health, one of the nation's leading providers of worksite health care, operates Duncan Aviation Family Health. Duncan said it provides care similar to that of family physicians, including care for common illnesses or injuries, lab draws, routine physical exams and immunizations.

"In addition to sick care, people have access to a full range of health assessment, coaching and disease management services for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart problems or asthma," said Duncan Wellness and Safety Coordinator Leta VanderVeen. "Appointments are set up in such a way to allow plenty of time for people to have quality time with the clinician, which is something that is often missing in today's medical community.

“Our goal at Duncan Aviation is to help our team members achieve optimum health, and we know that partnering with Marathon Health and opening these centers will help us accomplish this goal.”

Duncan said it chose Marathon Health to operate the health center to ensure complete confidentiality. Personal health information is protected by federal HIPAA regulations and can be shared only with express written consent.

Duncan Aviation is an aircraft service provider supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators and other service providers.

Marathon Health also runs an on-site health center for Lincoln Industries and IMSCORP.

Bendix opens health care center for employees

From the Huntington County TAB
Aug. 14, 2013
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems celebrates the opening of the facility’s on-site health care center. Photo by Lauren M. Wilson.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems celebrated the establishment of an on-site health care center for employees on Friday, Aug. 9.

City Finds Way To Cut Cost Of Health Care

From BrowardBeat.com