Onsite healthcare bridges the gaps in standard benefit plans

HLM_800x800_EveliaMeet Evelia. Like many people, she avoided the doctor’s office, and her health, for years. Fortunately, healthcare became affordable and accessible when Evelia’s employer opened an onsite health center. “I had no more excuses and finally made an appointment.” Despite feeling healthy, Evelia’s routine wellness exam revealed a lump in her breast – she had cancer. By partnering with an onsite health center, Evelia’s employer was positioned to provide health and wellness benefits that supported her as she overcame her hurdles to health.

Thankfully, Evelia made a full recovery. Now sporting a cropped purple hairstyle, Evelia credits access to onsite healthcare with saving her life:

“I started taking care of myself. Before cancer, I avoided my health. Now, I’m on top of it. My health center explained everything to me and answered all of my questions in my language. They helped coordinate my care with my specialists. They also helped with all of the paperwork and appointment scheduling that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Because the health center took care of everything, I could focus on taking care of myself.”  

Evelia is not alone. People skip the doctor’s office because they feel healthy, don’t have time, they’re fearful, healthcare is inconvenient, or it’s too expensive. Plus, living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging – and for some employees, the hurdles are much higher.

Hurdles to health

Health is what happens outside of the doctor’s office. In fact, medical care determines only 11% of overall health. Social, economic, and environmental factors determine 50% of overall health. Where we live, the communities we join, our income, and the very structures we inhabit, play a role in our health. These social determinants of health impact your employees’ ability to eat healthy foods, exercise, reduce stress, sleep, and ultimately, improve their health. As healthcare evolves to incorporate the social determinants of health, so too can businesses to advance supportive employee benefits.

Understanding your employees’ health hurdles is a great first step to developing a popular employee healthcare program. Inconvenience, affordability, and support are common reasons people do not seek care – and onsite healthcare addresses all three.

Affordable care

“Our onsite health center is my very favorite benefit we have. I rarely went to the doctor because I couldn’t afford it. Now, I’m able to take care of myself and my family.” – Michael, Marathon Health member

Poor health is expensive for everybody. Employers are not alone in feeling the pinch from rapidly escalating healthcare costs across the United States.

Onsite healthcare helps keep healthy people healthy, reduces and prevents chronic conditions, and allows employees to manage their illness through accessible and affordable care. As a result, organizations see a more productive workforce and reductions in healthcare costs.

Access to care

“It had been more than 20 years since my last doctor visit. When I went to our onsite health center I was shocked to learn I have diabetes and my blood sugar readings were double the normal level. We also discovered a small cancerous growth.” – Harry, winner of Healthy Like Me, Marathon Health’s patient success program

Onsite healthcare puts employees in the driver’s seat of their health and removes common barriers to care like time, transportation, and childcare. When care is available at the worksite, employees can proactively manage their health with annual exams, preventative screenings, chronic condition management, behavioral health counseling, and health coaching.

Providing support

“My health coach offered guidance, encouragement, and helpful tools to improve my health. Regular visits to the onsite health center kept me accountable and motivated. I’ve learned how to improve my health and care for myself.”Edward, winner of Healthy Like Me, Marathon Health’s patient success program

People need a team to make lasting health improvements. Health promotion plans, group fitness or nutrition challenges, employee success programs, and educational materials offer guidance and structure to develop new health behaviors while fostering a sense of communal achievement.

Beyond Benefits

Our customers feel a sense of social responsibility, as pillars within their communities, and they’ve approached onsite healthcare as a tool to provide health and wellness at the workplace that in turn supports employees at home, and in the community.

The next generation of healthcare  - onsite healthcare – allows businesses to bridge the care gap, advance their benefits offering, and ultimately, support their employees in improving their health.

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