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Discover the Health Benefits of Napping

There is a growing trend in workplace health and wellness to focus more on mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present without drifting into concerns about the past or future or getting caught up in making judgments about what’s happening. It has proven stress relief benefits.

Did You Know Committing to Physical Health Can Attract Top Talent?

Retaining top talent is one of the highest priorities, and greatest challenges for leadership and Human Resources departments of companies across America. Not only does employee retention affect customer satisfaction, sales, employee satisfaction rates and succession planning, it also has a direct impact on the bottom line: it is estimated that losing a middle manager costs an organization upwards of 100% of his/her salary, while the cost of losing a senior executive can be more than double their salary.

Meet the Winners of the Healthy Like Me Campaign

Look who's been working hard to improve their health! 

Marathon Health would like to congratulate our ten recent winners of the Healthy Like Me campaign. We are proud of them for sharing their stories and making positive changes toward their health! 

What You Need to Know About Standing Desk Ergonomics

Standing desk ergonomics have gained popularity lately, with both employees and health professionals touting the many benefits of getting out of your chair. Are standing desks the miracle that their supporters think they are, or just another fad? In this article, we’ll look at both the pros and cons of sitting and standing desks, as well as a third option that might combine the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of Employee Health Screenings

Building a culture of health across your organization can be a daunting challenge. Before you can even begin to reduce the major health risks in your employee population, you have to identify them first. This involves finding methods to engage your employees to actively participate in their own healthcare.

Simple, Savvy Exercise Strategies for Your Employees

New Year's resolutions come and go, but keeping your employees enthusiastic about their health goals should remain a top priority.

Incorporating Chronic Disease Prevention In Your Office Day-to-Day

Over half of the adults in the United States live with chronic disease: a condition that lasts at least three months and generally cannot be cured by medication, nor does it go away on its own. Hypertension, heart disease, and obesity are among the most common, costly, and preventable chronic conditions. 

However, since chronic disease typically cannot be prevented by vaccines, it's essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will prevent chronic disease from ever developing. Assisting patients with prevention and helping them better understand chronic conditions is one of the most important parts of a clinician’s job. 

What is the true corporate wellness ROI?

In an age of ever-increasing healthcare costs, the value of a healthy workforce is clear to all employers. However, many companies find challenges in determining the return on investment (ROI) involved with implementing a corporate wellness programs at their onsite health centers.