onsite-medical-servicesIn a competitive labor market, employers are trying to reach candidates with the message that their organization is a great place to work. Touting a thriving corporate culture, flexible schedules, casual Fridays, open-door management styles, and other perks may entice candidates, but how can you really convince them that your organization places a premium on its employees?

Perhaps one of the most tangible and visible ways is with an onsite health center and wellness program designed for their wellbeing. As one of the leading providers of worksite health centers, Marathon Health has many customers who are the employer of choice in their region or industry.

We asked some of them how their onsite health program helps them recruit top talent.

How Onsite Medical Services Factors Into Recruitment

CHG Healthcare

Perennially on FORTUNE magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list, CHG Healthcare includes brochures about their onsite health center with all recruiting and benefit material sent to candidates. They promote their wellness benefits throughout the interview process, but say that the most value comes over the long run, once candidates become loyal employees.

“The value of our onsite health center doesn’t always resonate with candidates until they actually use it and realize what a huge benefit and convenience it is,” says Nicole Thurman, Senior Director of Benefits.

Laitram, LLC

Another Best Place to Work company, Laitram, LLC demonstrates their belief that “Successful employees make for successful companies” with their onsite health services. HR Director Franck Labiche says, “When candidates tour the worksite, we always stop by the Marathon Health clinic and fitness center. It’s one of our best recruiting tools because no one else is offering it.”

City of Carrollton, Texas

Leonard Martin, City Manager of Carrollton, Texas, explains the value of his onsite health center: “We recruit Millenials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers for positions at our city—and one thing that attracts all these groups across the board is our emphasis on employee health.  We also use it as an economic incentive to attract companies to Carrollton, enticing them with the use of our Marathon Health clinic and its population health model.”

Lincoln Industries

Lincoln Industries in Lincoln, Nebraska, has been named one of the 25 Best Medium Sized Companies to Work For in America. Wellness Manager Greg Howe says “One of the first things you see on our Careers page at Lincoln Industries is our commitment to wellness, including benefits like our onsite health clinic and fitness facilities. We use it to leverage our reputation as a company focused on employee health and wellness.”

5 Tips for Leveraging Health Programs

The upshot? You attract candidates who place a value on getting or staying healthy, and healthy employees cost less and are more productive. Here are a few tips on how to leverage your health and wellness programs to enhance our workforce:

  1. Make employee well-being part of your organizational mission, with a clear message about how healthy, happy employees drive your business results. Infuse your brand identity and outreach in the employment market with your commitment to health.
  2. Display wellness offerings on your company’s career page, including photos of employees utilizing the benefits where possible. Candidates will be looking for a genuine, integrated culture of health, not just a checklist of perks.
  3. Use videos of employees talking about how they use health and wellness resources at work, and what a difference it makes in their life.
  4. Promote your health and wellness benefits to candidates even before they become employees. This leads to higher initial utilization rates if they’re hired, which is an easier way to drive overall engagement than trying to change the habits of long-term employees.
  5. Boost internal referrals by giving your employees something to talk, tweet, and post about—whether it’s their weight loss story, social support they receive from co-workers, or an early catch of a potentially serious condition at a health screening, their stories are the best endorsement there is for your organization as a place to work.

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