Picture1Our very own Kathryn Lovoi, PA, at Larimer County, shares why she’s a Marathon Health ambassador – and how her transition to worksite healthcare improved the way she practiced medicine. In our continual effort to differentiate our care and communicate our purpose, Kathryn says it best:

I pursued a career in healthcare because I love the humanitarian nature of interacting with people focused on real health improvement.

I’ve always wanted to practice what I preach, so I really connected with Marathon Health’s mission to provide worksite healthcare focused on preventive health and wellness. I wanted to be involved in the preventive stage of medicine before major, large health concerns set in. After years of working in traditional and other onsite healthcare settings, Marathon Health felt like a step in the right direction. I felt the shift away from just treating disease to improving wellness.

Marathon Health focuses on preventive wellness rather than focusing every visit addressing a problem. I love that we meet with patients to discuss what’s going well and what we can do better. It’s refreshing to focus on wellness rather than just disease. This approach is different than every model of healthcare I’ve worked in, traditional or onsite.

Transitioning from a previous onsite healthcare vendor to Marathon Health, I was immediately impressed. Each ambassador lives the mission and is committed to improving patient health – and our own. To keep our patients, and ourselves, engaged we host monthly challenges and Fitness Fridays to encourage patients to stop by, exercise with us, and keep each other accountable, motivated, and engaged. It’s fun!

I love having the flexibility to make the job what I want it to be. If we have ideas, Marathon Health supports us in making our ideas happen. We can be independent when developing programming but with the oversight and support that we need from our account manager and regional clinical leaders. The company engages us, supports us, and we feel connected to “Marathon Nation” through regular check-ins, meetings, clinical calls, and medical training.

Being an ambassador means living the mission. We have a responsibility to be a model of what Marathon Health stands for. As a result, we’ve each renewed our personal commitment to our own health.

At Marathon Health, we promote a positive outlook on health. That positivity promotes a more proactive, positive healthcare experience, and ultimately, builds an effective partnership with our patients. Patients need a positive healthcare experience to feel inspired and empowered to make significant health change.

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