For many industries, word of mouth can be one of the strongest influencers in gaining participation and driving results. When we feel good about a program, service, or product we are likely to share our experience with others.


Why health advocates are essential to wellness program success


Likewise, motivating advocates of a health program can be hugely valuable for increased participation and driving success of the program overall. Employees who are motivated and armed to share their experience with their peers are likely to offer highly personal, authentic information to new participants – resulting in greater education, awareness, and action.

Paired with standing outreach and communication – advertising positive experiences through company communications or events is an effective solution for spreading the good word. Provide a supportive system for ambassadors to submit their stories to the program committee for ease of review. Including a valuable incentive in return for shared stories is also favorable for encouraging participation.

Marathon Health supports this initiative through our Healthy Like Me program in which participants are entered to receive a cash prize in return for sharing their story. Stories can easily be shared through company and clinic communications.

To learn more about Healthy Like Me click here.

Additionally, giving ambassadors a role in the preparation or recruitment for company wellness programs such as fitness events and weight loss challenges not only helps them to feel good about their support, but will provide further opportunities for the individual to actively continue their own wellness journey. Begin by inviting ambassadors to join the planning committee, incentivize a referral program as part of the sign up or recruitment process, or include their story during outreach.

Maintaining support for advocates of a health program can make a valuable impact on building a culture of health for your company internally. The benefits of this effort will likely reveal themselves externally as well. With the help of ambassadors, a strong health initiative is easily extended by reputation and direct association with friends, family and community over time.

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